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Editorial  Advisors for LASIK & Lens Replacement Surgery

Advances in Laser Eye Surgery Technology and Procedures:

LASIK Surgery Patient Care:

Cataract Surgery, Lens Implants and Lens Replacement Surgery:

Medical experts agree that the decision to have LASIK Eye Surgery or Lens Replacement Surgery with lens implants should be made in an informed manner. Patients considering Laser Eye Surgery or Lens Replacement Surgery of any type should seek current information and education to be certain that it is the best vision correction choice for their individual situation. is an objective patient information and education website containing material that will assist patients in making an informed decision about LASIK, Lens Replacement Surgery and Lens Implants. This website is useful for those who are interested in learning about LASIK or Lens Implant procedures, how to select a LASIK surgeon or Lens Implant surgeon, the risks, benefits and complications of LASIK surgery and what LASIK Eye Surgery or Lens Implant surgery should cost.

In order to provide consumers with the most unbiased information, unlike many websites offering information about LASIK or Lens Implants, does not accept funding, support or advertising from pharmaceutical, medical device, laser or lens implant companies.

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