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The Medical Management Services Group - is a physician practice management company that develops, operates and manages refractive surgery service lines and practices providing Laser Eye Surgery for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism including LASIK, Custom LASIK and other types of specialized LASIK Eye Surgery. Our practices routinely offer career opportunities for Optometrists, Refractive Surgery Coordinators, Medical Assistants, Ophthalmic Technicians and LASIK Surgery Counselors interested in working with LASIK surgeons throughout the United States.  

 Career Opportunities 

Refractive Surgery Coordinator

Position Description:

The Refractive Surgery Coordinator is the key interface between potential and current LASIK and Lens Replacement Surgery patients, and the medical, technical and administrative staff of the Practice. The Refractive Surgery Coordinator provides phone counseling and screening to prospective patients who have inquired about LASIK Eye Surgery or Lens Replacement Surgery at the practice. In addition, the coordinator is responsible for meeting and greeting patients, scheduling patients for comprehensive examinations, eye surgery, follow-up visits and all facets of relationship management programs, data entry of marketing and clinical outcome data, discussion and implementation of payment plans as well as coordinating and planning marketing communication campaigns on behalf of the practice. Finally, the Refractive Surgery Coordinator in addition to the practice staff is an additional practice technical resource for laser calibration and operation as well as insuring compliance with required laser safety programs.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Act as primary phone intake, point of contact for LASIK & Lens Replacement Surgery patient inquiry, counseling and consultation scheduling as well as initial information gathering.

2. Conducts preliminary vision screening tests including; acuities, lensometry and corneal topography. Assists LASIK surgeons and Optometrists and practice staff with laser set up, calibration and validation prior to LASIK surgery..

3. Presents information in a balanced manner on the benefits of treatments to prospective patients. Conducts patient interviews and case histories. Educates patients in risks and benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery & Lens Replacement Surgery as well as payment options.

4. May be responsible for compiling and generating clinical outcome data and patient data.

5. Implementing all facets of relationship management system including; follow-up phone calls and correspondence required to maintain patient relationships with the practice.

6. Planning and coordinating  marketing communications in conjunction with the Practice Administrator, including direct marketing, public relations and corporate benefit programs.

If you are interested, please send resume and salary requirements to
K. Carlisle, Director of Finance and Administration at:
or fax to 978.470.8218.

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