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The Medical Management Services Group - is a physician practice management company that develops, operates and manages refractive surgery service lines and practices providing Laser Eye Surgery for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism including LASIK, Custom LASIK and other types of specialized LASIK Eye Surgery. Our practices routinely offer career opportunities for Optometrists, Refractive Surgery Coordinators, Medical Assistants, Ophthalmic Technicians and LASIK Surgery Counselors interested in working with LASIK surgeons throughout the United States.  

 LASIK Career Opportunities Career Opportunities 

Clinical Optometrist-Refractive Surgery

The Clinical Optometrist for Refractive Surgery reports to and receives direction from the Practice Manager and the Medical Director. The Clinical Optometrist is the key interface and responsible for all primary patient care for Refractive Surgery patients in the practice. This includes all LASIK surgery patients as well as Lens Replacement Surgery patients. The individual will identify and manage resources as needed   to operate an effective and reliable LASIK and Lens Replacement Surgery clinical practice.

The Clinical Optometrist provides direct clinical care as well as overall program management for the efficient clinical and administrative operations of the practice. The Clinical Optometrist also oversees the effective management of the patient diagnostic, preoperative workup and laser eye surgery processes at the practice. This may require reviewing clinical charts, conducting clinical meetings and management reviews with the  Refractive Surgery Coordinator or LASIK Counselor as well as LASIK surgery suite technicians and other Optometric staff.

Finally, the Clinical Optometrist is the resource for ensuring quality assurance throughout the practice in the areas of LASIK patient care and Lens Replacement Surgery clinical care and requires communication, implementation and monitoring of all policies and procedures as mandated by the Medical Director, as well as any other regulations and standards of good clinical practice.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Acts as the liaison between Practice Manager, Medical Director, LASIK surgeons, Refractive Surgery Coordinators, LASIK Counselors and Optometrists on technical, clinical and management issues.
  2. Performs all aspects of clinical patient care services necessary to provide for the patient care needs of  LASIK Eye Surgery and Lens Replacement Surgery patients of the practice, including:  routine eye exams,  pre and post-operative cataract care and lens implant care, pre and post-operative examinations and consultations of LASIK and other Laser Eye Surgery patients, including visual acuities measurements, lensometery, corneal topography, dry and wet refraction, pachymetery, pupilometry, gonioscopy, tear film analysis with dry eye management, aberrometry and other required diagnostic testing procedures necessary to allow discussion of expectations, risks, benefits, complications and informed consent review for LASIK surgery, Custom LASIK and other specialized LASIK Eye Surgery and Laser Eye Surgery  procedures.
  3. Conduct weekly review of clinical charts versus  capacity to ensure optimum utilization of staff resources and scheduling.
  4. Conducts regular meetings with other LASIK staff to ensure consistency and timeliness of communications, policies, procedures, expectations, outcomes, and any other information necessary to allow practice staff to be in compliance with practice policies and performance standards.
  5. Assists in periodic performance reviews of Refractive Surgery Coordinator and LASIK Counselors.
  6. Working with LASIK staff and Practice Manager, creates personal development plans and practice growth goals and forecasts.

Education and Experience

  • Doctor of Optometry Degree with 1-3 years of direct clinical experience in ophthalmological setting providing LASIK Eye Surgery
  • Residency Training in an Ophthalmology clinic or Refractive Surgery Practice desirable
  • Supervisory experience of ancillary staff
  • Current license or license eligible in state of desired practice and in good standing with Board of Optometry in current state of practice as well as HCFA and all applicable third-party payors.


If you are interested, please send resume and salary requirements to
K. Carlisle, Director of Finance and Administration at:
or fax to 978.470.8218.

updated 4/21/10

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