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LASIK, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & BOTOX®

A New Wrinkle

If you are trying to learn about LASIK Surgery, why are you finding information about cosmetic plastic surgery and BOTOX®? Your first thought might be that LASIK, cosmetic plastic surgery and BOTOX® are all done for “cosmetic” or “aesthetic” reasons. This is only a part of the reason. Actually, has decided to include information about certain cosmetic eye and face treatments because there seems to be an interesting trend among those who have had LASIK and their self-perceptions after their LASIK Surgery.

Many LASIK patients have worn eyeglasses for literally tens of years. They have wrestled with trying to find an attractive pair of eyeglasses that fits their facial features and accents their appearance. In addition, they have in effect “hidden” behind the barrier of eyeglass frames and lenses. This limits the clear observation of fine lines and wrinkles around their eyes, drooping of their eyelids, the observations of wrinkles in the skin of the eyelid and sagging of the eyebrows. Therein lies the problem for LASIK patients.

The Problem With LASIK

The problem with LASIK is the same as the benefit of LASIK-the vast majority of people who have LASIK no longer wear glasses after LASIK Surgery. LASIK patients no longer “enjoy the benefit” of being able to hide their wrinkles and crows feet behind their eyeglasses! A slight drooping of the eyelids now seems to make you look considerably more tired and even older looking if you don't hide behind eyeglasses.  While this phenomenon of “noticing every wrinkle” doesn't seem to affect every LASIK Surgery patient, we at have heard it often enough that we felt providing some information about BOTOX® Cosmetic and Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the Eyelids -called Blepharoplasty - would be useful information for many patients

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